Our Systems Thinking approach helps innovators tackle complex problems in a wide range of sectors

So, whether you’re designing a new consumer product, launching a digital-led insurance service or updating your processes to make healthcare work better for the patient, we can help.

Consumer products

In sectors such as consumer goods, we can help you develop products that meet rapidly evolving consumer demands – using our whole-system approach to innovation.

We can also help you capture emerging trends, including health-consciousness and sustainability, in fast-moving sectors such as fashion, luxury goods and food.

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Service industries

In the service sector, it’s vital to improve experiences through technology, while meeting business goals. Systems Thinking helps you do that.

For example, in the finance and insurance sectors, we can help you meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, from service users to regulators.

In sectors such as hospitality, media, tourism and retail, we help you integrate technologies into your business, aiming to create the authentic, informative and relevant experiences that customers want.

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Essential services

Providing essential or public services means facing the needs of a wide array of stakeholders, the most important of whom are service users – making innovation a challenging task.

In healthcare, we aim to help you meet these innovation challenges while putting patients first – whether you’re designing services or developing products to meet a healthcare need.

We can also apply Systems Thinking to sectors such as education, transport, utilities (including energy), infrastructure and, of course, government – helping you optimise the value of the services you deliver from finite resources, while also keeping a close eye on social impact.

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Technical and industrial

If you work in technology-led industries such as aerospace, automotive and manufacturing, we can help you make the most of the fourth industrial revolution – co-ordinating technologies and processes to create value while meeting customer needs.

We can help develop cost-effective solutions tailored to new markets, or assist you as you manage complex challenges in rapidly evolving product classes, such as electric or driverless vehicles.


Technology is a vital part of everything we do – but Systems Thinking can also be useful to the technology sector itself.

Our whole-system approach can help you as you develop digital experiences, integrate multiple technologies and keep innovating amid a rapid pace of change.

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