Our approach

Systems Thinking

What is it, precisely?

At Exclin, we believe successful innovation takes a certain way of thinking. Some say it’s about thinking laterally. Others say it’s about thinking like a designer. Still others say it’s about thinking from a user experience point of view.

We believe success takes all these things and more. To tackle complex challenges, you need a whole-system view of the challenges you face.

Which is why, at Exclin, we’re the Systems Thinking company.

How Systems Thinking helps you

See your problem from multiple angles

When Systems Thinking is at the core of design decisions, the solutions you develop will match a range of use cases and needs.

This ultimately minimises the risk of developing non-viable solutions from isolated ideas – which would put your innovation programme at risk.

Nurture a culture of innovation

A Systems Thinking approach can help you take a long-term view of innovation. Find out more about our continuous innovation service.

Reconcile competing perspectives

By taking into account competing perspectives, Systems Thinking helps you originate and configure solutions to real commercial problems – that are also optimised for customers and stakeholders.

Achieve design efficiencies

Systems Thinking helps you take a longer-term view of design challenges – helping you achieve solutions that are more efficient over time, for example by reusing components or staying aware of new technology processes.

Support decision-making

Systems Thinking isn’t only about creating innovative products or services. It’s also about applying innovative business processes – for example, analytics to support decision-making.

Challenge established thinking

Systems Thinking can help turn established norms upside down – uncovering new possibilities where none was previously thought possible.

Gain first-mover advantage

With a fresh approach from Systems Thinking, you can help identify opportunities that benefit from first-mover advantage.

Take account of wider business ecosystems

Systems Thinking is well suited to integrating a technology or business model into its wider ecosystem – for example, by considering the infrastructure needs of a product, or staying aware of trends that could disrupt a business.

Integrate technologies quickly

Our approach helps you integrate technology systems within complex organisations, to meet the demands of tomorrow’s marketplace.

Engineer for tomorrow

A true whole-system view helps you create solutions that integrate with natural ecosystems. In this way, Systems Thinking supports sustainability and helps make a positive difference.

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