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We help you create innovative service experiences – to meet both user needs and business goals

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In service businesses, customer expectations are changing fast. Rapidly evolving technologies, combined with an “always-on” culture, mean users are demanding instant, digital-led answers to needs or concerns.

Evolving a business to meet these challenges can be highly complex. It’s tempting to reach straight for a technology solution – but without a thorough understanding of user needs at every stage of the service process, that’s a risk.

At Exclin, we believe it’s better to take a step back – and start with a clear model of what technology users need at each stage of their interaction with you.

That way, you’re in a better position to address both staff and customer needs – and select cost-effective technologies that work for you.

At Exclin, we help you achieve this vision, using our expertise in the field of Systems Thinking.

We help design user journeys that take into account the needs of users – and roadmaps that help you navigate through the complexity of service design.

How do we help you innovate?

We make service challenges simple

As innovation experts, we help design user journeys to help you keep customers and stakeholders happy in a changing world.

But we don’t do this only through the prism of marketing, technology, UX or design.

Instead, our goal is to help visualise how these systems interact – to help you create integrated experiences that meet both user needs and business goals.

We follow a step-by-step process

Our approach to service innovation involves the following steps:

  1. 1.

    Define the problem space

    In Systems Thinking, we seek to understand the challenge from multiple perspectives. These will include:

    • Understanding your business objectives and place in the market

    • Defining the needs of your users now and in the future

    • Understanding existing and emerging technologies that can be part of a solution

    • Researching cultural and business trends

  2. 2.

    Map the customer journey

    In the light of our initial analysis, we create models to map your users’ needs at each stage of the customer journey.

    Using these models, we can derive ways to design a user experience that supports your strategy – aligning customer touchpoints to business goals, taking into account resources at your disposal.

  3. 3.

    Experiment and fine-tune for delivery

    We design a pilot of the service to help you refine it – involving beta customers to test ideas and discuss concepts. This step provides some feedback to help you optimise the service interaction.

  4. 4.


    Armed with customer and user feedback – as well as feedback from you – we iterate our process through design, development and testing phases.

  5. 5.

    Launch at scale for sustainable impact

    The service is then deployed at scale. We help you define metrics for success, and gather analytics to help you improve and continue to meet user needs.

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