Consumer goods

Develop innovative products in the consumer goods sector, using our whole-system approach

As technologies develop and user expectations change, designers of consumer products face ever more complex challenges.

From cosmetics to electronics, from hand tools to appliances large and small, today’s innovators face demands for ever more personalised, authentic and sustainable products – while needing to update processes to stay productive and profitable.

At Exclin, our Systems Thinking approach helps you manage these often competing goals.

Working with users from an early stage, we seek to understand and model the many criteria for success.

Then, using low-fidelity experiences and tangible prototypes, we aim to help you turn concept into reality.

How can we help you innovate?

As experts in systems engineering, we take a holistic view of your innovation challenge. But these are some common areas where we seek to help along the way.

For example, we help you to:

Manage big data

Cheap sensors and the emergence of cloud computing make it easier to collect real-time data on anything from inventory to customers to supply chains.

By consulting with multiple stakeholders and modelling information flows, we help you make the most of big data – to make decision-making easier and meet business goals.

Develop smart packaging

Smart product packaging – including tracking systems and printed electronics – can add brand value. But you need to consider many angles – from sustainability to aesthetics to time to market – to design packaging that works for you.

At Exclin, we use systems engineering techniques to understand your packaging challenge and create models to help meet your goals.

Design for sustainability and authenticity

As consumer expectations change, companies who can meet high standards – from recyclable packaging to sustainable practices in the supply chain – look set to reap the benefits.

At Exclin, we can help you design products that meet the wider, long-term needs of the market – taking into account not only the expectations of consumers and regulators, but the impact on your production and supply chain management.

Make the most of personalisation

Technology makes it easier to personalise products and product marketing to customers – but creating authentic experiences that meet user needs remains a challenge.

At Exclin, we help you build personalisation technologies around the value they deliver to users, while taking into account wider business needs.

Optimise your product portfolio

When you’re designing products to meet the needs of a segmented market, you inevitably reach a level of complexity in your product portfolio.

Our systems engineering approach helps you deliver value to customers by aligning benefits to customer needs – while developing processes to manage portfolio complexity.

Integrate your social media strategy

In the consumer goods market, online reviews and social media engagement are increasingly vital to the success of a product.

We can help you integrate your social marketing strategy into the design and development process. Tactics may include adding shareable visual elements, refining logo placement, or developing features targeted at early adopters or advocates for your brand.

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