Healthcare innovation

Develop innovative products and services in the healthcare sector, using our Systems Thinking approach

Are you a health service provider embarking on a major digital transformation? Perhaps a medical technology company planning to launch a new product line? If so, you’ll be aware of how complex healthcare innovation can be.

At Exclin, we help provide a pathway to a solution to the challenges you face – using an approach based on the principles of Systems Thinking.

We seek to build a shared understanding of your challenge, seen from as many angles as possible.

Armed with a wide range of viewpoints and an understanding of user needs, we can then start creating models that visualise how your system will work – and, keeping service users in the loop, help you iterate your way to a solution.

Putting the service user first

Of course, in healthcare, a system-based approach will usually mean making sure the patient voice is heard – alongside that of the medical community, regulators and decision-makers.

So we seek to understand and empathise with the views of patients and service users – to help you design solutions that improve their experience and outcomes, while creating sustainable value for your organisation.

How do we help you innovate?

We can assist in areas from products and services to organisational transformation. For example, we can help you to:

Improve the patient experience

Above all, our approach to innovation is built around understanding multiple perspectives – and in healthcare, the perspective of patients is a central part of the puzzle.

We co-operate with healthcare professionals and patients to gather stories, understand needs and define how to improve the patient experience – with a view to supporting patients’ independence, their understanding of healthcare, and ultimately outcomes.

Collect data responsibly

Rapidly evolving technologies – from biosensors to connected devices – have the potential to support healthcare in many ways, from remote diagnosis to smart payment solutions to more efficient interaction with clinicians.

But just as important is that the resulting data is used for the benefit of the science and society – while preserving patient privacy.

We can help you design concepts that help strike the right balance – iterating and testing them to help meet your needs and those of service users.

Facilitate access to care

In an inclusive healthcare system, there is easy access to high-quality care for communities who need it most.

Our “whole system” approach helps bring together the perspectives of service users, social care experts, clinicians and technologists alike – to help design systems, processes, workflows and pricing structures that meet the needs of both users and service providers.

Comply with regulation

Medtech companies and healthcare providers alike operate in a complex, regulated environment, with constant pressure on budgets. Using a Systems Thinking approach, we look for cost-effective, innovative ways to support compliance.

For example, we may seek the views of multiple stakeholders to understand the various compliance rules you need to meet – then help to digitise processes, optimising portfolios, or integrate technology solutions to help ensure compliance happens in practice.

Use data to monitor disease

Technology allows us to monitor and predict how individual patients’ diseases and conditions may develop or evolve over time. Our Systems Thinking approach can help you apply this at a clinical level.

For example, we can help design interfaces such as apps which responsibly monitor patients’ disease progression – or the effectiveness of prevention strategies in at-risk patients – letting clinicians respond with appropriate, evidence-based responses and workflows, based on their specialist expertise.

Design accountable services

What does accountability mean in healthcare provision? How far should service providers be rewarded for the activities they perform – and how far for the value and outcomes they provide?

At Exclin, we can help design systems that are focused on value and outcomes.

By seeking to understand and model what patients, clinicians and other stakeholders most value in healthcare provision, we can help you develop ways of working that contribute to the outcomes they desire.

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