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Deliver stakeholder-focused innovation in the finance and insurance sector – by taking a systemic view of the challenge you face

Whether you’re a fintech-focused business or a more traditional player in a sector such as insurance, banking or wealth management, you understand the need to innovate continuously to meet client and stakeholder needs.

At Exclin, we aim to help you deliver the externally focused innovation you need – while meeting your business goals.

We do this using an approach known as Systems Thinking. This involves seeking the views of a wide range of stakeholders, including customers, to build a shared understanding of the challenge you face.

We then create models and roadmaps that help you adapt your structure and processes – taking into account how current trends and state-of-the-art technologies can help you reach your goals.

We can also pilot products and services, to assess how they work in the customer environment – and iterate our way toward a solution that works for you.

This helps you comply with regulation, develop digital services and processes, and start meeting the wider needs of your customers – for the ultimate benefit of your business.

How do we help you innovate?

We help you to:

Comply with regulation

As a fintech company or financial innovator, you work in a complex, regulatory environment – with the trend toward greater risk management only increasing the pace of change.

Your aim is to win and maintain the trust of both customers and regulators. At Exclin, we help you take a “whole system” approach to compliance, helping you to assess risk and find process-driven solutions.

Develop services in an ecosystem

As a financial services organisation, it pays to be aware of the wider, related needs of your users – not just the immediate need your solution solves. This “ecosystem approach” can help you to meet extended needs as part of a one-stop shop. For example:

  • As a car insurance provider, for example, you might use telematic data to offer maintenance alerts for vehicles, or help locate stolen cars.

  • In home insurance, you might monitor risk assets in real-time with detectors for fire, intrusion and water leaks.

  • As a wealth management provider, you might offer services or information sources that link high-net-worth clients with suitable charitable causes.

The challenge is to choose partnerships and develop solutions that are convenient for customers and sustain their loyalty, while meeting your business goals.

At Exclin, our Systems Thinking approach is naturally suited to the process of understanding wider user needs.

Develop digital services and processes

In the financial sector, digital innovation can help you enhance and simplify the customer experience – offering flexible ways for people to adopt and engage with your brand.

But the reality is often a complex web of digital solutions – whether third-party or in-house, and whether legacy or state-of-the-art.

Our systems engineering approach can help you visualise how to align your IT architecture, processes, tools and culture, to improve user experience while supporting business goals.

We can also help you understand the systemic impact of state-of-the-art technologies on your business and users. These may include:

  • Advanced analytics, to help understand customers’ needs, preferences and behaviours – and improve decision-making.

  • Machine learning, to help automate processes while delivering a smart, bespoke experience to customers.

  • Blockchain technologies, which allow the decentralised validation of data and, potentially, “smart contracts”. Benefits could include lower operational costs, better understanding of customers, and better identification of fraud.

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